“From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” [Karl Marx]

studies for the rear facade at tooke street to develop a pattern for drilling perspex…the size of holes is indexed to the gradations of grey in the pixel image… there are five gradations and white means no hole (black the largest hole).



architects draw perspectives; and not just pretty pictures.

Artistic, technical, adjustable, negotiable, material, sustainable, environmental, feasible, marital, financial, critical, political, emotional, physical, populist, suicidal… we abide, confide, calculate, push and shove, and try to make make.

Let’s draw some perspective…

…here’s one is currently in the making:

*SJ takes full responsibility for all the cringe-worthy blog titles of late.


sarah: One of my favourite photos, from the Peak in Hong Kong.

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sarah: Over the last few months I’ve been learning how to use my Nikon SLR. Some of the results…

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sarah: this house is a foolproof subject for the beginner with a fang-dangled SLR. Impossible to take a bad photo. Gorgeousness…

stand back…

the samoan.

peep show