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Australia is a nation of fringe dwellers. Our population centres famously cling to the perimeter of the landmass; a critical pattern in our urban condition. However, in the ensuing decades several iconic models of coastal inhabitation will be all but extinct as the pressures of population growth, rising sea levels and geopolitical transformations actively reshape the East coast of Australia. Occupying primary real estate between the Pacific Highway and the coastline in a number of coastal centres, caravan parks are an idyllic reminder of Australian life, reflecting utopian low-cost communities on sites of extremely high land value. Blending the romanticism of a nomadic life with the resilience that has previously guaranteed their survival, the parks have a certain cultural traction that has seen large-scale development surround them, without impacting on their centrality or longevity. Clinging to some of the lowest-lying real estate in Australia, the caravan park is situated at the frontline that will increasingly divide the desire for coastal inhabitation from the environmentally turbulent edges of the Australian landmass.

As an architectural paradigm, the caravan both critiques and embodies this futurist quandary: nomadic and technological at the same time as they are fixed and historical…What is the legacy that they leave behind?

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