It seems there are a lot of trajectories that are overlapping at the moment as I make my way through the world. Inception has made it worse. I have always liked the Pig City Farm project by MVRDV. I also find some of their thinking about urban farming quite amusing. Animals and architecture have always had an uneasy alliance.Possibly it goes back to the primal scene in first year, where we designed a doghouse in week one.

Anyway, after seeing Inception I started thinking about Sigfried Giedeon again, and his writing about space and time which I have had to look at recently. However it drew me to his more obscure work about mechanisation and agriculture and, in particular, some half remembered images of pigs, whose world shifts momentarily from vertical to horizontal. In some ways it resembles the scene in Inception where a dream world is created independently by an “architect” independent of the person who is experiencing the dream. It must feel something like this for the pig as the horizontal abruptly becomes vertical, through this ingenious apparatus.

Maybe, it is the same quarter revolution that is described in Orwell’s Animal Farm, where pigs take control under the banner of “all men are enemies, and all animals are comrades!!”. The seed of an idea, buried in a psyche…Minor shifts have major reverberations…the architecture of power… more inception references…pigs in space. A little tenuous. Time for another poll: